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We’re a curator of the best vegan footwear and accessories on the market right now.¬†We aggregate the best cruelty-free and eco-responsible wear to offer you a pleasant browsing experience while you shop for your next pair of shoes. Thank you for doing your part to make the Earth a better place.

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Here at VeganMenShoes, we’re actively building and growing a dedicated and loyal readership. Currently, with more than 10,000 highly-specific unique visitors per month and a conversion rate of upwards 10%, our site successfully bridges customers with relevant brands and products.

We offer high quality content for your brand.

  • We offer you an opportunity to work with us or share your quality vegan items on our content-heavy platforms.
  • We offer you access to an active mostly-male readership and the opportunity to build organic interest and awareness about your brand and products.

We are vegan influencers.

  • We can help you reach your target group with highly engaging content by building trust and credibility with your customers.
  • We create our content with meticulous care and research to make sure your brand is shown in its best light, while generating a high percentage of engagement.
  • We help you create brand trust by providing value to your customers, instead of merely promoting your product.

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