Best Vegan Shoes, Boots and Accessories for Men in 2019

Top 25 Vegan Men’s Shoes Brands for 2021

Updated on April 7, 2021

This is a complete up-to-date list of vegan footwear brands and sites for men. These brands and their collections showcased in this post are a few hand-selected products from each company that we feel represents their current vegan footwear and accessories selection as best as possible. If you want to add or suggest any other up-and-coming vegan brands for men to the list, please let us know!


AHIMSA is a vegan brand at the crossroads between spirituality and respect. They have a large selection of vegan dress shoes and boots for men, along with fancy styles of sneakers and moccasins. Make sure to check out their fake-leather backpacks. Their collections are available hereAHIMSA's Vegan Selection of Vegan Footwear and Accessories for Men

Bangs Shoes

Bangs Shoes is not only a vegan sneakers company, they are opportunity providers for starting entrepreneurs all over the world. By buying a pair of their amazing vegan sneakers, you help them reinvest in people to help them start their own adventures. Check them out here!Bangs Shoes' Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Bella Storia

Bella Storia can make shoes out of your favorite Hawaiian shirt. They reuse materials like tapestries or vintage clothes, and even recycled airbags and seatbelts. They also have conventional materials, so don’t hesitate to take a look at their fully customizable sneakers. Check them out here!  Bella Storia's Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme are currently one of the most established vegan footwear companies. Their dress shoes are ethically-made in Portugal and are built to last with the best innovative and and eco-friendly materials. Their collection of fake-leather shoes is absolutely stunning. They’re available here.

Edit: With their new slogan, “Vegan and Proud”, Bourgeois Boheme is coming out with a new collection in 2020. Keep an eye out for their new and improved vegan footwear coming next year! Bourgeois Boheme's Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan by Joshua Katcher (also known as Discerning Brute) is a high end slow-fashion menswear brand that bids on the durability and quality of their products. They create and manufacture sustainable and fashionable vegan boots and shoes with top-of-the-line “future” materials, such as future-leather and future-wool which are build to last and look simply amazing. Their collection of vegan footwear is available here. Brave Gentleman's Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Eco Vegan Shoes

Eco Vegan Shoes have everything from vegan safety boots, to hiking boots, passing by vegan winter boots, back to sandals, and finally to casual vegan sneakers. With the highest quality standards for their workers and all this without harming any animal, they offer a wide variety of styles and models for all occasions possible, such as work, day-to-day wear, and even formal. Check them out here!Eco Vegan Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Ethical Wares

Ethical Wares is one of the few vegan companies with vegan safety certification boots. They also have tons of vegan work and casual boots for men, ranging from chukkas to Timberland lookalikes. They also have vegan hiking and walking boots, along with dancing shoes for both men and women. Check them out hereEthical Wares' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Friendship Shoes

Friendship Shoes is a London-based vegan footwear company. They have classic timeless styles, such as brogue and monk dress shoes, and fashionable and meticulously crafted Italian fake-leather boots. If you live near East London, you can try out shoes at their store! Check them out here!

Friendship Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Hooves are the maker of vegan ethical footwear made with the utmost care and thought. Their unique style built on sustainability and quality comes in a variety of pleasant colors, and most importantly, without harming any animal in the process of manufacture of these shoes. Check them out here!Hooves' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Keep is an online company of vegan shoes and boots for both men and women, offering an exciting selection of styles and models. Their cruelty-free items are mostly made and dyed in California, the Golden State, with sustainable materials and a lot of heart. Check out their colorful shoes here!Keep's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Muroexe‘s minimal design is made with the latest sportswear technology to offer the wearer comfortable shoes without sacrificing an ounce of aesthetic. They have a great selection of minimalist vegan backpacks made with durable and functional material. Their shoes and bags are available here!Muroexe's Collection of Vegan Footwear and Accessories for Men in 2018


Nae, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, is a Portuguese shoe company with a focus on veganism and environmentalism. Their sustainable footwear is made from a panoply of materials, including natural and recycled materials such as cork, pineapple and plastic bottles. Their collections are available here!Nae's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Native Shoes

Native Shoes is one of the biggest and most established vegan footwear companies right now. Approved by Peta as a vegan brand, they have a large collection of footwear for men, but also women and kids. Their philosophy is based on respect of both humans and animals through ethical choices, such as choosing cruelty-free footwearCheck their shoes out here!Native Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Nemanti is an Italian luxury footwear company using the quality materials, from the traditional linen, waxed cotton and hardwood, to the highest-quality vegan Italian leather. Their models and styles are the product of years and years of finely-honed talent and craftsmanship Check out their vegan collections here!Nemanti's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


NOAH is an Italian company with the well-being of animals, humankind and nature at heart. Manufactures with high ethical standards, their large collection of vegan boots and shoes for men are not only comfortable, they are at the height of quality and fashion. Their boots and shoes are available here!NOAH's Italian Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


NOHARM is a leader in luxury vegan footwear. Crafted in fair labor environments in Italy, their shoes and accessories, such as wallets and belts, are made from high quality Italian vegan leather. If you want to support ethical consumerism, they are doing absolutely their best to offer products made with the highest cruelty-free standards. Check out their cruelty-free shoes and accessories here!NOHARM's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Novacas, which means No Cow, is the house brand of Mooshoes, an established online vegan footwear store. Produced with breathable and comfortable microfibers, their boots and shoes are manufactured in Portugal under fair working and high environmental standards. Their vegan shoes and boots are available here!Novacas' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Okabashi‘s specialty is, you guessed it, vegan flipflops and sandalsAmerican-made and family-owned, they design and create their models on the concept of closed-loop recycling, contributing to reducing environmental waste. The perfect footwear for an all-vegan summer. Their slippers and sandals are available here!Okabashi's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Tastemaker is the perfect example of fashion with compassion. All of their models and styles use 100% vegan materials and are completely cruelty-free. They offer a huge selection of well-designed and sustainable shoes and boots, providing comfort and durability in every pair. Check them out here!Tastemaker's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes are without doubt one of the largest vegan footwear online stores. Starting out in 1990, all the shoes were made by hand, back then. Nowadays, the shoes are mostly made-to-order in European factories with high ethical standards and sustainable materials.  Check them out here!Vegetarian Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather fashion, an alternative that aims to reduce harm on animals and the environment. The designs are based on timeless classics, and are made from synthetic materials offering their feel and look.  Their collections are available here!Will's Vegan Shoes Collection for Men in 2018

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