The Best Vegan Shoes Brands for 2021

The Best Vegan Shoes Brands for 2022

Updated on April 24, 2022

Vegan shoe brands have taken the market by surprise in the recent decade, as more and more compassionate buyers have decided to buy sustainable and cruelty-free footwear. If you’re looking for a complete list of vegan shoes for women and men alike, look no further, as we have aggregated the best brands of 100% vegan footwear. We will be updating this growing list frequently, so make sure you bookmark and share this list as much as you can!

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We have researched and rated the following vegan footwear companies on several points, such as core company values, quality of the shoes, ethics and sustainability practices, fair labor practices and more.

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Women‘s Vegan Footwear

Under $70


Indosole vegan slides made from recycled tires

Indosole can make ergonomic shoes out of tires. With a commitment to the environment, the vegan footwear brand thinks of comfort in every step you take. The brand uses natural rubber dyed with natural dyes without releasing any chemicals into the environment. Stylish, comfortable, and cruelty-free, Indosole footwear are sourced ethically from nature and are 100% weatherproof, terrain proof, and waterproof.

  • Vegan flip-flops and slides for women, men and children
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Under $70
  • Shop Indosole here!

Native Shoes

Native Vegan Shoes and Sneakers for Women, Men and ChildrenNative Shoes is one of the biggest and most established vegan footwear companies right now. Approved by Peta as a vegan brand, they have a large collection of footwear for men, but also women and kids. Their philosophy is based on respect of both humans and animals through ethical choices, such as choosing cruelty-free footwear.

  • Affordable vegan sneakers, boots, and sandals for men, women, and kids
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Under $70
  • Shop Native Shoes here!


Oka-B Vegan Shoes

What began as a perfect spa shoe, Oka-B has evolved into a name to be reckoned with in the women’s footwear industry. Oka-B integrates the principles of ergonomic design with reflexology to design footwear that is another name of ultimate comfort. The company offers an amazing line of footwear, from flip flops to ballet flat, sandals, and everyday wear. The brand swears by its quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to nature and designs cruelty-free footwear loved for its unique slip resistance, arch support features.

  • Vegan flip-flops, flats and sandals for women
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Under $70
  • Shop Oka-B here!


Okabashi's Collection of Vegan Flip-flops and Sandals

Okabashi’s specialty is, you guessed it, vegan flipflops and sandals. American-made and family-owned, they design and create their models on the concept of closed-loop recycling, contributing to reducing environmental waste. The perfect footwear for an all-vegan summer.

  • Vegan sandals, slippers and flip-flops
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Under $70
  • Shop Oka-B here!

Blowfish Malibu

Blowfish Malibu's collection of vegan shoes

For vegan boot lovers, Blowfish Malibu is a name to be trusted, tried, and proudly flaunted. The company makes shoes out of recycled plastic, which is enough of a reason to fall in love with the cruelty-free brand that speaks of animal love and respect for nature. Classic, comfortable, and functional, the unique collection at Blowfish Malibu is available in a range of warm prints and tones. Here are shoes that are comfortable for your feet and soothing for your soul.

  • Affordable vegan sneakers, sandals, and wedges for women and kids
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Under $70
  • Shop Blowfish Malibu here!

Unstitched Utilities

Unstitched Utilities' collection of vegan shoes

Three friends have written the Unstitched Utilities’ story. A proud name in the fashion footwear industry, the vegan shoe brand comes up with a phenomenal range of sneakers, flip flops, and sandals that are absolutely cruelty free. With vegan dyes and glues, Unstitched Utilities is a sustainable forward-thinking brand for the hip and trendy consumer who want their shoes to do the talking.


Biankina's collection of vegan shoes

Feel proud to wear all-natural vegan shoes that are sustainable and made with love for animals. Biankina is passionate about inspiring change through its ethical, sustainable, and artisan-crafted fashion. Eco-friendly fashion that strives to make the world a better place for all. With stylish, comfy, and cruelty-free footwear that is handmade with heart, Biankina is your dream collection in women’s sneakers and clothing.

  • Affordable vegan sneakers for women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Under $70
  • Shop Biankina here!


Divadi's collection of vegan shoes

Minimalistic design and sustainable collections speak a lot about DIVADI. The brainchild of SistersGulassa, DIVADI lives by its commitment to nature, animals, and humans. Think of quality, comfortable footwear that are cruelty free yet stylish, DIVADI will emerge on the scene. The brand truly lives up to its name – inspiring you “to keep going” and never give up.

  • Affordable vegan sneakers for women
  • $10 shipping fee
  • Under $70
  • Shop DIVADI here!

Holster Fashion

Holster Fashion's collection of vegan shoes

Holster Fashion offers sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free alternative to leather. The company designs animal-free all-seasonal footwear for women and children. Dedicated to animal welfare, Holster Fashion is the brainchild of Ben Nothling and Natalie Miller. The product line has all sorts of stylish, sustainable and wearable footwear for every occasion. Innovative, timeless designs are made free from animal leather so vegan followers can flaunt their shoes in style without guilt.

  • Affordable vegan footwear for women and kids
  • Free shipping over $99 within the United States
  • Under $70
  • Shop Holster Fashion here!


Bangs Shoes' Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Bangs Shoes is not only a vegan sneakers company, they are opportunity providers for starting entrepreneurs all over the world. By buying a pair of their amazing vegan sneakers, you help them reinvest in people to help them start their own adventures.

Koi Footwear

Think of sustainable, cruelty-free fashion and Koi should easily fit in. This is a cool vegan footwear brand that believes in animal welfare and strives to bring a change in the world through its sustainability principles. They adhere to the belief, “Being vegan is cool,” and lead with compassion. The 100% animal-free brand tries to reduce its carbon shoe print practicing greener manufacturing and production.

Nature Breeze

Nature Breeze Vegan Shoes and Boots for WomenKnown for their gorgeous over-the-knee tall boots, Nature Breeze has stylish collections of shoes and boots that are simply to die for. Check out their sandals and booties, they have the perfect going-out pair for your feet.


Ethical Wares' Vegan Shoes

ethicalWARES is one of the few vegan companies with vegan safety certification boots. They also have tons of vegan work and casual boots for men, ranging from chukkas to Timberland lookalikes. They also have vegan hiking and walking boots, along with dancing shoes for both men and women.

Ethical Wares' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


The perfect example of fashion with compassion, Etiko footwear is lightweight, waterproof, and sustainable. The family-owned business Etiko was the first fashion brand in Australia to become fair trade certified for its highest ethical standards, compassion for animals, and champion for human rights. Etiko means ethical and the vegan brand lives up to its name, producing eco-friendly, cruelty-free apparel and footwear for modern girls and boys.

  • Affordable vegan sneakers and flip-flops for men, women, and kids
  • Free shipping over $300 within the United States
  • Under $70
  • Shop Etiko here!


Comfortable, ethical, vegan shoes are the pride of Corda. Their vegan rope sandals sell like crazy for their durability, style, and comfort. Corda Rope sandals are for the adventurer, wanderer, and explorer in you, who sees a vegan lifestyle as sustainable. The company has earned a reputation as a job giver in Ethiopia, producing 100% handmade shoes that generates a stream of jobs.

  • Vegan rope sandals for men and women
  • $5 shipping fee
  • Under $70
  • Shop Corda here!


Respect for animals and the environment is at the core of Slowers. The company designs timeless vegan and sustainable footwear that offer ultimate comfort to your feet in the snow or shower. Made in Spain, Slowers is addicted to nature and animal welfare. The company sources all of its raw material from nature. You can find a rich collection of products made from cork, linen, jute, and organic cotton. Here’s one brand for men and women who are crazy for veganism and trendy sandals, shoes, boots, and espadrilles.

Between $70 and $150


Matt & Nat Vegan Boots and Faux Leather Bags

MATT & NAT is a Montreal-based brand that was built on the idea of using natural materials without the use of animal products in the manufacturing of their shoes and accessories. On their ethics page, they mention that one of their factories is certified under a standard that ensures the most basic human rights for their workers, such as a safe workplace environment and living wage.

  • Vegan shoes, boots and accessories
  • Free shipping over $100 within the United States and Canada
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop MATT & NAT here!

Vessi Footwear

Vessi Footwear Vegan Waterproof Sneakers

If your idea of shoes is quality, vegan breathable stuff that feels light on the feet, Vessi Footwear lives up to your expectations. With a mission to create products that “do it all” and move you forward, Vessi comes up with stylish, comfy, and cruelty-free shoes that get you out there fast.

The brand has earned a reputation for its unique footwear that can be worn all day long. No, you do not have to worry about stepping in Vessi in the rain, snow, or sun. These are waterproof and weatherproof. The innovative brand is always on the move with a mission to tread toward a better tomorrow.


Novacas, which means No Cow, is the house brand of Mooshoes, an established online vegan footwear store. Produced with breathable and comfortable microfibers, their boots and shoes are manufactured in Portugal under fair working and high environmental standards.

  • Vegan dress shoes, boots and sneakers
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Novacas here!

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes for Women

Will’s Vegan Shoes offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather fashion, an alternative that aims to reduce harm on animals and the environment. The designs are based on timeless classics, and are made from synthetic materials offering their feel and look.

Will's Vegan Shoes Collection for Men in 2018


Ahimsa's Collection of Vegan Shoes

AHIMSA is a vegan brand at the crossroads between spirituality and respect. They have a large selection of vegan dress shoes and boots for men, along with fancy styles of sneakers and moccasins. Make sure to check out their fake-leather backpacks.

AHIMSA's Vegan Selection of Vegan Footwear and Accessories for Men

  • Vegan leather shoes, boots and sandals
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Ahimsa here!



For the perfect statement shoes that are 100% sustainable and 100% stylish, think of Melissa. The vegan footwear brand speaks of quality, craftsmanship, and style. Make every day special with cruelty-free shoes that are environmentally friendly and made for every season. There are sustainable shoes for spring, summer, and snow. What’s more, Melissa has shoes to stay stylish, safe, and colorful in the present times.

  • Vegan shoes and faux-leather sandals for women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Melissa here!

Roma Boots

Roma's Collection of Vegan Shoes

A brand with a mission to combine style, sustainability with philanthropy. The brain behind Roma Boots, Samuel Bistrian, came up with the idea to give poverty a boot, combining his love of fashion with philanthropy. Roma Boots are another name of quality footwear made of natural rubber. What makes the shoes stand out is the quick-dry cotton lining. These are highly comfortable shoes with a three-layer insole that speak of style and service.


Ethletic's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Fair, vegan, and sustainable shoes are a hallmark of Ethletic. They come up with classic, timeless styles that appeal to the modern world. Quality production with commitment to fair trade keeps the brand focused on producing shoes that speak of style and animal welfare. Ethletic sneakers are designed with utmost care, thought, and love using natural, renewable raw materials.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • $20 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Ethletic here!

BC Footwear

BC Footwear's Collection of Vegan Shoes

BC Footwear is a dedicated cruelty-free brand that gives you the confidence that you are not wearing animals. From playful and bold boots to heels, booties, wedges, and sandals, BC Footwear is a symbol of self-expression through fashion. For 100% vegan shoes that speak of quality, sustainability, and pride, trust BC Footwear. A woman-oriented brand for the girl who is proud of her identity and is not hesitant to share it with the world. You can find nice vegan ankle booties or faux-leather boots with low kitten heels which are easy to walk in and extremely comfortable to wear.

  • Vegan boots, heels, flats, and sandals for women
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop BC Footwear here!


Muroexe's Collection of Vegan Footwear and Accessories for Men in 2018

Muroexe’s minimal design is made with the latest sportswear technology to offer the wearer comfortable shoes without sacrificing an ounce of aesthetic. They have a great selection of minimalist vegan backpacks made with durable and functional material.

  • Vegan sneakers, shoes, and boots for men and women
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Muroexe here!


Gunas's Collection of Vegan Shoes

With a motto “Love People Love Animals Love Planet,” GUNAS is an expression of style while speaking of ultimate comfort and commitment to animal wellbeing. Here is an incredible range of luxury vegan handbags that give you the confidence to walk in style and guilt free. You can proudly flaunt plastic-free, silicone-based belt bags, backpacks, satchels, cross-body bags and laptop bags sourced from mulberry tree pulp.

  • Vegan flats and loafers for women
  • $12.95 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop GUNAS here!

The People’s Movement

The People's Movement's Collection of Vegan Shoes

The People’s Movement is driven by commitment to the environment and animals. Born from the desire to create clean, functional, and comfortable shoes with a promise to keeping the environment clean, the brand prides itself on its amazing eco-hip footwear. Vegan shoe lovers can swear by the product line based on eliminating single-use plastic from the planet. Sustainability and style are the hallmarks at The People’s Movement.

Malibu Sandals

Think of style, comfort and sustainability and Malibu Sandals are perfect to rock the look. The company is mission driven with a goal to create the most comfortable, chic sandals on the planet. What makes Malibu Sandals stand out is its love and commitment to combining contemporary designs with ancient sandal making craft of Mexican huarache. Their incredible product line is for the modern girls and boys who love easygoing, trendy, and cruelty-free shoes.

  • Vegan sandals and sneakers for men and women
  • Free shipping over $100 within the United States
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Malibu Sandals here!


bleed's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Bleed is a believer in vegan living and stands for a cruelty-free lifestyle. Their product range speaks of quality craftsmanship, sustainable living, plant-based products that make you proud of stepping into shoes with immense pride that they are animal free. Show your support for ethical consumerism by picking the best vegan footwear from Bleed that prides itself on its cruelty-free, eco-friendly product line.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • $30 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop bleed here!


If you want to step into a cause, pick the versatile Insecta footwear collection – another name of product excellence and cruelty-free standards. These are everyday footwear that you can flaunt on snow, ice, and pebbles. Comfortable, sustainable, and vibrant, the ecosexy product line comprises ethical, vegan shoes and accessories made in Brazil with a mission to stop the Amazon fires. The brand has earned its name and fame for its uniquely curated products from recycled cotton, plastic bottles, rubber, and vintage clothing.

  • Vegan shoes and sandals for men and women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Insecta here!

Minuit Sur Terre

Minuit Sur Terre's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Minuit Sur Terre emerged on the vegan scene in 2017 with its cruelty-free vision. The company believes in reducing its carbon footprint without compromising on quality. Stylish, sophisticated, and sustainable are Minuit Sur Terre products, ranging from vegan footwear to leather-free accessories. Its quality products stand true to its brand vision “No leather no cry.” What sets Minuit Sur Terre apart from its competition is its unique raw material. The company can turn apple or grape waste into useful vegan material. What’s more, it is committed to cleaning the oceans of plastic waste, which reflects in many of its products.

Risorse Future

Risorse Future's Collection of Vegan Shoes

If you strongly believe in veganism, you cannot ignore Risorse Future. The company is widely popular for its unique Italian footwear designs that are cruelty free and eco-friendly. Think of Risorse Future as a brand that deals in stylish sustainable vegan shoes created with love by expert craftsmen from the Marches. Your search for eco-sustainable footwear that is light, durable, and completely animal free ends at Risorse Future.

Olsen Haus

Olsenhaus's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Olsen Haus, pure vegan products offering high-quality, sustainable fashion for women. Founded by Elizabeth Olsen, the vegan brand has been preaching veganism, sustainability through its functional cruelty-free products since August 2008. Olsen Haus is truly a voice of animal welfare, eco-consciousness, compassionate lifestyle, and ethical fashion. With a made-to-order philosophy, the company believes in giving you uniquely designed stuff made just for you, so you can set a style statement. Just take a look at these elegant vegan strap sandals, they are simply to die for.

  • Vegan heels and boots for women
  • Free shipping on Amazon
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Olsen Haus here!


With a brand vision and mission to spread awareness about animal welfare and sustainability, TWOOBS manufactures high ethical products from landfill waste that are timeless in appeal and 100% cruelty-free. Lightweight TWOOBS shoes feel comfortable for the feet and are equally safe for the planet. Owned by a female-led team, TWOOBS creates ethical masterpieces for the modern girl, who loves veganism to the core.

  • Luxury vegan sandals and sneakers for women
  • Free shipping over $120 within the United States
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop TWOOBS here!

Siam Tip

Siam Tip stands for no animal exploitation. Its amazing product line speaks of the brand’s commitment to animal welfare. Gorgeous products handmade by local artists are timeless in appeal and sustainable in nature. With every product made from cruelty-free material, there is something to suit every single taste in the Siam Tip product range. You cannot but fall in love with the pop of color, beautiful artistry, and their sustainable products.

  • Vegan footwear for women
  • Free shipping on all orders with Etsy
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Siam Tip here!


Bohempia's Collection of Vegan Shoes

For sustainable, functional, and cruelty-free fashion, Bohempia is a forward-thinking company founded by Tomas Rohal in 2015. They have a remarkable line of vegan products sourced from hemp, ranging from shoes to apparel and accessories. With a mission to promote the use of cruelty-free hemp, BOHEMPIA comes up with simple, minimalistic, yet comfortable designs that strike the right chords with vegan lovers.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • Free shipping over $150 within the United States
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Bohempia here!


If you love all things vegan, then there is a special reason to fall for the amazing Elephantsity product range. A brand dedicated to animal welfare, Elephantsity has a special fondness for elephants. Their classic yet timeless products reflect their love for the environment and animals. Set a style statement in these comfortable, practical, and stylish footwear that reflects your vegan beliefs.

Collection & Co

Collection & Co is one of the most reputable names in the vegan footwear industry. Every single product from the brand is backed with a promise of sustainability, functionality, and innovation. Their ethical footwear is prized for its eco-friendly, animal-free production in Greece. Their new arrivals always turn heads for their timeless appeal. Collection & Co creates sustainable footwear without compromising on the style game.


Nemanti's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Nemanti is an Italian luxury footwear company using the quality materials, from the traditional linen, waxed cotton and hardwood, to the highest-quality vegan Italian leather. Their models and styles are the product of years and years of finely-honed talent and craftsmanship.

Nemanti's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

  • Luxury vegan shoes, boots and sneakers for men and women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Nemanti here!


Bahatika's Collection of Vegan Shoes

A vegan footwear brand that swears by sustainability and a cruelty-free lifestyle, BAHATIKA brings to you some of the timeless sneakers that make a difference. Sustainable, stylish, and futuristic, the BAHATIKA collection comprises sandals, sneakers, boots, flats, and all types of shoes. If you seek trendy, fair-traded, animal-free footwear, explore the BAHATIKA product range. The company plants a tree for every single pair of shoes.

Eco Vegan Shoes

Eco Vegan Shoes' Collection of Vegan Shoes

Eco Vegan Shoes have everything from vegan safety boots, to hiking boots, passing by vegan winter boots, back to sandals, and finally to casual vegan sneakers. With the highest quality standards for their workers and all this without harming any animal, they offer a wide variety of styles and models for all occasions possible, such as work, day-to-day wear, and even formal.

Eco Vegan Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

PAWJ California

PAWJ California believes in veganism and environmentalism. The passion to create the world a little better for animals truly reflects in the amazing footwear collection at PAWJ based in California. The brainchild of designer Julee Merrill, the brand adheres to veganism at its core, producing animal-free highest quality boot wear with synthetics and faux furs. Comfortable, long-lasting, and cruelty-free is the ultra-comfort boot line at PAWJ. If you dream of wearing cruelty-free fashion, think of PAWJ.


KEEP is an online company of vegan shoes and boots for both men and women, offering an exciting selection of styles and models. Their cruelty-free items are mostly made and dyed in California, the Golden State, with sustainable materials and a lot of heart.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • Free shipping over $125 within the United States
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop KEEP here!

Grand Step Shoes

Comfort footwear with quality hand-crafted cruelty-free materials is a passion at GRAND STEP SHOES. The brand enjoys a good reputation in the ecological footwear fashion industry. Based in Sulzbach, Germany, the company offers a range of styles made from sustainable material. Their rubber boots are sustainable and fashion forward with a deep commitment to animal welfare. They use organic hemp fiber and cotton in their vegan footwear.


Ecoalf's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Ecoalf is a high-end vegan brand for the modern girls and boys who think of sustainable growth in a cruelty-free world. The brand adheres to sustainable lifestyle in creating footwear for the future. Their animal-free product line uses recycled material that reinforces the brand vision of a sustainable lifestyle. They have an enormous range of products, from shoes to clothing and masks. It is the first fashion brand in Spain with commitment to the planet and people.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • $25 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Ecoalf here!


Bohema's Collection of Vegan Shoes

With a classic timeless footwear collection, Bohema is an animal-loving brand that firmly believes in the fusion of nature, fashion, and craft. All of their products are handcrafted and created with a passion for animal welfare and sustainable lifestyle. For cruelty-free clothing and shoes, trust the family owned vegan business of Bohema, where you will find an amazing range of sustainable and stylish sneakers, sandals, high boots, and high heels.

  • Women’s vegan shoes
  • Free shipping over $300 or $9 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Bohema here!


King55's Collection of Vegan Shoes

King55 is a Brazil-based vegan footwear company. Their timeless classics are a favorite with vegan footwear lovers. The company envisions making the manufacturing world a safer place for animals and environment. King55 adheres to sustainable fashion that makes a visual impact, without any adverse effect on the environment or cruelty toward animals. Fair trade, sustainability, and veganism are the hallmarks of King 55 that delivers quality, comfortable, and stylish footwear for fashion lovers.

  • Vegan shoes for men and women
  • $30 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop King55 here!

Mireia Playà

Mireia Playa is another name of vegan ethical footwear. Their sustainable, fashionable, and cruelty-free product range is handcrafted by expert artists who swear by veganism, ethical fashion. From sandals to ankle boots, sneakers, cowboy boots, platforms and bags, every single product gets a tag of being cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly without sacrificing aesthetics. Their products are visually appealing, eye-catching, and pure.

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes' Collection of Vegan Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes are without doubt one of the largest vegan footwear online stores. Starting out in 1990, all the shoes were made by hand, back then. Nowadays, the shoes are mostly made-to-order in European factories with high ethical standards and sustainable materials.

Vegetarian Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Cult of Coquette

Cult of Coquette's Collection of Vegan Shoes

A footwear brand for women that lives up to its name, Cult of Coquette designs highly coveted cruelty-free shoes. The ethically styled shoes come in a variety of styles. From pumps to mules, the vegan brand swears by its commitment to style, elegance, and ethics. These shoes come in 6 styles in a range of colors and materials for the modern woman, who is socially conscious and style-savvy.

  • Vegan heels and flats for women
  • Free shipping over $200 within the United States
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Cult of Coquette here!


NAE's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Nae, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, is a Portuguese shoe company with a focus on veganism and environmentalism. Their sustainable footwear is made from a panoply of materials, including natural and recycled materials such as cork, pineapple and plastic bottles.

Nae's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

  • Vegan footwear for men and women
  • Free shipping over $50 worldwide
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop NAE here!


NOAH's Italian Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

NOAH is an Italian company with the well-being of animals, humankind and nature at heart. Manufactures with high ethical standards, their large collection of vegan boots and shoes for men are not only comfortable, they are at the height of quality and fashion.

Noah's Collection of Vegan Shoes

  • Vegan shoes for men and women
  • $20 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Noah here!


Ontems is a cruelty-free shoe company with a difference. Their sustainable footwear uses recycled materials that do no harm to the environment and is 100% cruelty free. The company sees footwear as a harbinger of change in the world’s thinking and compassion toward animals. Clean designs with a meaningful commitment toward the environment, Ontems crafts technologically forward sneakers that are lightweight, comfortable, and timeless.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Ontems here!

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis's Collection of Vegan Shoes

A young vegan footwear brand in South-East Spain, VESICA PISCIS brings to you a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free product line. The company uses organic or recycled products to reinforce its vision of animal welfare and environmentalism. They donate 1.5% of their revenue for animal rights. Their classic footwear range satisfies the company’s ethical, cruelty-free standards. Their market includes fashion-savvy guys and girls who place emphasis on sustainability and conscious consumption.


Fair's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Sassy, classy, and stylish are the Fair products. A PETA-approved brand that believes in balancing vegan philosophy with design and quality. Produced in Portugal, all of FAIR products are animal-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainable. Their Derby shoes are a top seller and so are the Gladiator sandals for girls. Vegan girls are crazy for the FAIR Pointed toe pumps. There is no reason you won’t love their phenomenal collection of vegan footwear.

  • Vegan shoes for men and women
  • $20 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Fair here!


Zouri's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Zouri is a firm believer in sustainability, environmentalism, and compassion for animals. With kindness at heart for animals, humans, and environment, Zouri follows highest ethical standards to come up with comfy, quality, and trendy eco-vegan sneakers made from plastic trash from oceans. The brand believes in plastic-free oceans and has been showing the way to the world with its best-selling sneakers that are loved for their cruelty-free, eco-friendly raw materials.

  • Vegan sneakers for men and women
  • $15 shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Zouri here!

Bella Storia

Bella Storia's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Bella Storia can make shoes out of your favorite Hawaiian shirt. They reuse materials like tapestries or vintage clothes, and even recycled airbags and seatbelts. They also have conventional materials, so don’t hesitate to take a look at their fully customizable sneakers.

Bella Storia's Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

  • Customizable vegan sneakers from recycled material
  • 20$+ shipping fee
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop Bella Storia here!

Between $150 and $250


Mohop's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Mohop is a name to be reckoned with in the sustainable fashion industry. There are incredible modern designs thoughtfully crafted by an artist and an architect. Justin Walker and Annie Mohaupt came up with Mohop to design cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and comfy footwear, handbags, and accessories in the US. The heirloom quality footwear brand combines traditional artisanal techniques with modern technologies.

  • Luxury vegan heels and wedges for women
  • Free shipping within the United States
  • Between $150 and $250
  • Shop Mohop here!

Loyal Footwear

Loyal Footwear is a trendsetter in the vegan footwear industry. Crafted with cruelty-free plant-based textiles, their product line is loved for its quality, durability, and respect for nature. Made from recycled soling rubber, Loyal Footwear is another name of durability and sustainability. Made by women in the USA for the female folk, their product range comprises sneakers, slides, and booties that are for every day and every season.

Bhava Studio

An established vegan shoe brand, Bhava Studio believes in delivering ethical footwear that is free from animals yet comfortable for your feet. Needless to say, their commitment to fashion, sustainability, and environment is the hallmark of their success. Vegan footwear lovers cannot but fall in love with their hand-crafted, traditional, yet cutting-edge designs.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather's Collection of Vegan Shoes

True to its name, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather produces breathable, stylish, and animal-free shoes. The first vegan shoe company in France was set up in 2011. The products use vegan leather or microfibers to create sustainable, trendy, and futuristic footwear for the guys and girls who wish to make the world a better place. Timeless, durable, and comfortable shoes from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather use natural rubber or wood for the shoe soles.

Tastemaker Supply

Tastemaker Supply's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Tastemaker is the perfect example of fashion with compassion. All of their models and styles use 100% vegan materials and are completely cruelty-free. They offer a huge selection of well-designed and sustainable shoes and boots, providing comfort and durability in every pair.

Tastemaker's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018

Rungg Shoes

Handcrafted with love, Rungg is inspired by nature. The brand comes up with limited editions that embody timeless quality, artisan craftsmanship, and modern style. For lovers of color, there is a huge variety of footwear in Bold, Bright, and stunning colors that you can wear every day and on any occasion. Another name of gorgeous, quality, and comfort, Rungg Shoes are cruelty-free and sustainable.

  • Women’s Vegan Shoes
  • Free shipping within the United States
  • Between $150 and $250
  • Shop Rungg Shoes here!


Innovation meets luxury at Love is Mighty. The brand is committed to bringing a balance between ethics and luxury while staying dedicated to animal welfare. Founder Monisha Raja from India came up with the first shoe collection in 2011 to give a formal shape to her love for fashion, craftsmanship, and animals. The brand combines modern designs with local ancient mastery to bring to the fore a unique collection that speaks of sustainability and style.


Veerah's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Here is one mission-driven footwear company that designs sustainable luxury for the modern woman. Inspired by women, VEERAH sees every modern day woman as a conscientious warrior, who is deeply in love with style, animals, and sustainability. Launched by Stacey Chang in 2014, the women’s footwear brand combines mindful style with cruelty-free craftsmanship and fearless aesthetics.

  • Luxury vegan heels and flats for women
  • Free shipping over $100 within the United States or $15 shipping
  • Between $150 and $250
  • Shop VEERAH here!

Friendship Shoes

Friendship Shoes' Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018


Friendship Shoes is a London-based vegan footwear company. They have classic timeless styles, such as brogue and monk dress shoes, and fashionable and meticulously crafted Italian fake-leather boots. If you live near East London, you can try out shoes at their store!

$250 and over

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Stella is a brand name for a classic range of shoes that speak of femininity, sharp tailoring, and sustainability. Run by leading fashion designer Stella McCartney, the brand speaks of responsible, cruelty-free product manufacturing. The eco-friendly brand has expanded its line to lingerie, optics, perfumes, accessories, and kids’ styles. There is no fur or leather in the Stella McCartney product line.

Stella McCartney's Vegan Stan Smith White Sneakers

Taylor + Thomas

Taylor + Thomas is a woman-run vegan footwear brand based on innovation, sustainability, and style. Driven by consciousness and responsibility toward the planet, Taylor + Thomas is another name for modern luxury. The footwear designs are handcrafted by skilled artisans who believe in environmental sustainability and are experts in turning waste plastic bottles into ultrasuede details. The unique design, the chemical-free quality, and the meticulous details speak of the brand’s commitment to nature.

Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Commitment to a cruelty-free world speaks about the Roni footwear collection, which is 100% vegan and sustainable. Every single Roni Kantor shoe is handcrafted for vintage fashion lovers who want to flaunt their footwear in style and pride. Roni’s motto is to give a girl a little something special and she can rock the world. The unique Roni designs blend a little something new with the little something old that everyone would love to flaunt under the summer’s blue sky.

  • Luxury vegan bridal shoes for women
  • Free shipping on all orders with Etsy
  • $250 and over
  • Shop Roni Kantor here!


For luxury vegan shoes and accessories, think of Mink collection. The first-ever vegan shoe brand in Italy, Mink combines passion with luxury to design a shoe that looks stunning, holds weight, and carries you easily. The company is committed to animals and the environment and dedicated to designing trendy shoes that are stylish and equally comfortable. They leverage cruelty-free materials to design chic footwear that beams with fashion and style. If you want to step into one-of-a-kind shoes, MINK’s upcoming made-to-order couture is the answer for footwear made just for you.

  • Luxury vegan heels and flats for women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • $250 and over
  • Shop Mink here!

Kat Mendenhall

One brand that is loyal to a vegan lifestyle, Kat Mendenhall believes in wearing fashion with passion for animals. A star of handmade vegan goods, this brand serves to disrupt the fashion industry with its unique line of animal-free cowboy boots and accessories. Kat Mendenhall, the namesake of the brand, believes in animal and human welfare and is committed to creating a high-end fashionable product line that replaces animal products without sacrificing quality.

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Beyond Skin is a perfect example of a cruelty-free footwear brand based in the UK, producing vegan fashion with faux leather. A ladies’ designer footwear label in Spain, with sustainability at the core, Beyond Skin has been in the business of vegan ethical fashion since 2001. You can find a range of luxurious all-seasonal animal-free shoes, boots, and trainers for the modern girl who thinks of sustainable fashion.


With a focus on veganism, HIRAETH emerged on the scene with its phenomenal women’s wear and accessories. Founder Rooney Mara is a strong believer in sustainable living. The exciting product line is free from silk, wool, fur, and leather, which makes it a 100% ethical vegan women wear for forward-thinking girls. Quality, comfortable and sustainable products that are a class apart from the competition are a hallmark of HIRAETH.

  • Luxury vegan boots and loafers for women
  • Free shipping over $300 within the United States
  • $250 and over
  • Shop HIRAETH here!


A company that leads by example in sustainable fashion, Balluta creates sophisticated footwear in a sustainable way. The sustainable luxury statement pieces reflect the company’s vision for animal and environmental welfare. Made in Europe, their ethical, cruelty-free products are designed in a family-run factory in Portugal. If you envision flaunting timeless, animal-free, and trans-seasonal footwear all the time, explore the Balluta product range.


Rombaut's Collection of Vegan Shoes

If sneakers are your first love, then Rombaut has something extraordinarily comfortable, classic, and functional for you. Made from luxurious plant-based animal-free material, the bold and beautiful Rombaut footwear is another name of purity, optimism, and sustainable lifestyle. Born in Belgium, Rombaut creates classic sneakers with a story with vegan leather and recycled fibers. You cannot but feel proud to wear sustainable sneakers that are cruelty-free yet classic.

  • Luxury vegan sneakers and boots for women
  • Free shipping on all orders with Farfetch
  • $250 and over
  • Shop Rombaut here!


Rafa's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Addicted to a sustainable lifestyle that is also cruelty-free, RAFA is a women’s luxury footwear brand that is loved for its timeless classics. A beautiful blend of classics with contemporary, the RAFA collection is artistic and futuristic too. Designed and hand-crafted in Los Angeles, RAFA is dedicated to animal welfare and sustainable living. Their unique product line is customizable too, blending luxury with craftsmanship.

  • Luxury vegan shoes and heels for women
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • $250 and over
  • Shop RAFA here!


Blanlac's Collection of Vegan Shoes

With commitment to nature and its creatures, Blanlac is a trendy yet ethical shoe brand that adheres to vegan principles. The company sources its material from natural resources to do its bit for the environment and put an end to animal exploitation. If you love a vegan sustainable lifestyle, the BLANLAC collection boasts an enormous range of timeless hand-crafted designs from Italy.

Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown's Collection of Vegan Shoes

Sydney Brown’s specialty is luxury footwear that is sustainable, animal-friendly, and timeless. The brand was born out of a belief that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. With respect for the environment reflecting in every single product, Sydney Brown produces high-performance, lightweight classic shoes and bags for the modern men and women who swear by “reverence for life.” You will find perfect footwear for all age groups.

  • Luxury vegan shoes for women
  • Free shipping over $100 within the United States
  • $250 and over
  • Shop Sydney Brown here!

Men‘s Vegan Footwear

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme's Selection of Vegan Footwear for MenBourgeois Boheme are currently one of the most established vegan footwear companies. Their dress shoes are ethically-made in Portugal and are built to last with the best innovative and and eco-friendly materials. Their collection of fake-leather shoes is absolutely stunning. With their new slogan, “Vegan and Proud”, Bourgeois Boheme is coming out with a new collection very soon. Keep an eye out for their new and improved vegan footwear coming next year!

Vincente Verde

Vincente Verde's Collection of Vegan Shoes

The story of Vincente Verde is the vision of two friends who swear by a vegan lifestyle. Made in Brazil with the welfare of animals and environment in mind, Vincente Verde’s classic shoe soles are produced with natural rubber. Their designs are willfully simple yet timeless, top-notch and comfortable, ethical and sustainable made with the highest cruelty-free standards and fair labor practices.


NOHARM's Collection of Vegan Footwear for Men in 2018NOHARM is a leader in luxury vegan footwear. Crafted in fair labor environments in Italy, their shoes and accessories, such as wallets and belts, are made from high quality Italian vegan leather. If you want to support ethical consumerism, they are doing absolutely their best to offer products made with the highest cruelty-free standards.

  • Vegan boots, shoes, and moccasins for men
  • Between $70 and $150
  • Shop NOHARM here!

Brave Gentleman

Brave Gentleman's Selection of Vegan Footwear for Men

Brave Gentleman by Joshua Katcher (also known as Discerning Brute) is a high end slow-fashion menswear brand that bids on the durability and quality of their products. They create and manufacture sustainable and fashionable vegan boots and shoes with top-of-the-line “future” materials, such as future-leather and future-wool which are build to last and look simply amazing.

Children‘s Vegan Footwear


Melissa Mini Vegan Boots and Shoes for ChildrenMelissa has a vegan collection called Mini Melissa for babies and toddlers which includes rain boots, ballerina slippers, sandals and boots for kids.

  • Children’s vegan shoes, boots, slippers, sandals and more!
  • $15-25 shipping fee
  • $250 and over
  • Shop Melissa Mini here!

Roma Boots

Roma Boots Vegan RainbootsRoma Boots has vegan rain boots for children of all ages. Their iconic pair rainboots are the most kid-friendly and parent-approved of the lot. Lots of vibrant colors to choose from, your child will love exploring in these comfy boots while being safely protected from the elements.

Vegan Safety and Work Footwear

If you’re looking for vegan work shoes and safety boots, you can go find the full list here, covering multiple industries and types of work.

Best Vegan Work Boots and Safety Shoes for Men 2019



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