nat-2 Coffee Line Vegan Sneakers

Vegan Sneakers Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

Updated on April 7, 2021

When you make your typical cup of coffee in the morning, you extract it from ground coffee beans. While you have a delicious cup of aromatic coffee, most of the grounds end up discarded in the trash or in compost.

A German company, nat-2, had the brilliant idea of using recycled coffee grounds to create eco-friendly and vegan shoes. With a cork insole and a coffee grounds and plants upper, these luxurious hi-top sneakers are the ultimate ethically sustainable fashion statement.

nat-2 Coffee Line Unisex High-Top Sneakers

Other materials were used in the productions of these shoes, namely real rubber and recycled plastic bottles. They have even thought of using animal-free glue, meaning that these shoes are 100% vegan, unlike a lot of high-end sneakers on the market right now.

These shoes are hand-made and manufactured in Italy, where industry standards for workers are rigorous and fair. If you’re thinking of buying a pair for yourself, make sure you check their availability, as the first wave of the Coffee Line is already sold out.

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